Getting Started

Welcome to AxiumMC! In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some helpful tips and tricks. Before you dive into all of our fun features, please make sure you have read our rules. A lot of the information on this page can also be found in our in-game /help GUI in case you would like to quickly refer to commands or lookup other information about our server.

General Commands:

Below are some basic commands that will come in handy while you're getting started on our server.

  • /settlement help - Shows settlement-related commands.
  • /sethome <name> - Sets a home at your location.
  • /delhome <name> - Delete a home.
  • /ignore <name> - Ignores a player's chat messages.
  • /mail - Check or send mail.
  • /pay <name> <amount> - Sends money to another player.
  • /seen <name> - Check when a player was last online.
  • /tg - Toggle auto-chopping trees.
  • /tpa <name> - Ask to teleport to a player.
  • /tpahere <name> - Ask a player to teleport to you.
  • /whowas <name> - Shows a player's previous Minecraft names.
  • /xp - Check how much XP you have.

Chat Channels:

Knowing how to use the chat system is essential. Fortunately, we've made it simple to navigate.

General Chat

This is the default chat channel where everyone can hear you. If you're in a different channel and would like to switch back to general, simply type /gc.

Trade Chat

This channel is used to announce what players are selling or buying. Type /tc to switch to this channel.

Local Chat

This is the only ranged channel on our server. Only players within 150 block can hear what you say, which makes it less public than general chat. Use /lc to switch to this channel.

Settlement and Empire Chats

Only players in your town or empire can see these channels. Use /sc to switch to settlement chat and /echat to switch to empire chat.

Quick Messaging

You can send a quick message to other channels by adding your message to the end of the channel command. For example, typing /lc Hello! will send a quick message in local chat while you're focused in another channel!

Travel Tips:

AxiumMC has several worlds, each of which has unique elements and mechanics. To view which worlds you can teleport to, use /rtp and click on the world icon to teleport there. Each world is described in detail below.

Kingdoms World

This is the main place to build your settlement. The Kingdoms world is 20,000 x 20,000 blocks and never resets, so you don't have to worry about running out of building space or losing your items! You can teleport to this would by typing /wild or by walking through the Kingdoms portal at /spawn. Please do not use the Kingdoms world for resource gathering, as we have a resource world for this!

Resource World

The Resource world is a place where you can gather materials to build your settlement and amass wealth. Use /resource or walk through the resource portal at Spawn to teleport there. The Resource world resets on the 5th of every month.

The Nether

The Nether dimmension is full of resources, fortresses and hostile mobs. You'll have to build a nether portal to get there, as there is no shortcut command. This world resets on the 10th of every month.

The End

Fight the ender dragon, explore end cities, and discover valuable treasures in our End dimension! You can get there using /end or /warp end. The End resets on the 15th of every month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The in-game /help GUI and this wiki are your best friends when it comes to learning how to use our many custom features. If you find that there is something missing from these resources, we invite you to share your feedback so we can keep everything up-to-date and easy to understand.

If a staff member is not online when you are in need of assistance, please create a support ticket in the #admin-support channel on our discord and a staff member will contact you shortly. We kindly ask that you refrain from sending direct messages to our staff on discord, as they may be busy helping another player.

Let's be honest — most internet forums are long dead. Instead, we use a more modern and simpler means of connecting with the Axium community through our very own discord server, which serves as our central hub for new updates, announcements, and discussions among players. All of our support services, including staff applications, ban appeals, etc. are also handled exclusively on our discord.


Jobs are a great way to start making money on AxiumMC! You can view the list of jobs by typing /jobs browse and you can have up to three jobs at once. There are no penalties for being in multiple jobs!

Available Jobs

You can currently progress through the following jobs:

  • Builder
  • Digger
  • End Explorer
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman
  • Hellraiser
  • Hunter
  • Miner
  • Woodcutter
  • (More Coming Soon)

How do I do my Job?

Use /jobs info to find out what actions will receive pay for a certain job. Job actions can include breaking blocks, crafting, placing, harvesting, or slaying mobs. As you become more experienced with a job, your level will increase until it reaches the limit. The current maximum job level is 100, although we are planning on having perks that you can continue to unlock after this point!

Checking Your Progress

You will receive periodic chat messages whenever you reach a new level, or you can view your jobs summary at any time using /jobs stats. Keep in mind that while jobs are balanced, they are not created equal. Some jobs pay in smaller bursts while others are designed to grind over time. Nevertheless, they should all be rewarding.

Leaving a Job

To leave a job, use /jobs leave <job>. If you leave a job that is not at the maximum level, you will lose some levels and experience in that job.

Player Shops

Chest Shops are an excellent way to buy and sell large quantities of items, including custom ones exclusive to our server!

Creating a Shop

  1. Place a chest where you want your shop to be
  2. Left-click the chest with the item you want to sell
  3. Place the items you are selling in that chest
  4. If buying, right-click the shop sign and click in chat to change the shop mode

Using Chest Shops

To interact with a shop, punch the shop sign and enter the amount you wish to buy/sell in chat.

The Auction House

Say you have an item you want to sell but you don't want to go through the trouble of making an entire shop and setting up a warp. Fortunately, there's another option—the Auction House! You can access the Auction House at /warp market or through certain Kingdoms upgrades.

Selling Items

Use /ah sell <price> to list the item(s) in your hand for sale. You can only list a limited number of items as a new player, but after you rank up this limit will increase.

Claiming Expired Listings

Your listed auctions will expire if they are not sold within three days. To claim your items from expired listings, type /ah collect.


Brewing allows players to create new beverages with custom effects for a fun experience. A few of the buffs brews provide include speed, haste, and more. However, brews may also bring detriments such as nausea and drunkenness. In order to craft high-quality brews with better buffs, you must learn to master the art of fermenting, distilling and barrel aging.


After drinking alcoholic brews, you may notice certain side effects. These include, but are not limited to, nausea, blindness, inability to control your movements, bad decisions, and the inability to chat correctly. DO NOT drunk chat in public channels. Please use local, nation, or private chats. This is to reduce spam on the server chat. Your drunkenness will increase until a certain point, and you will be unable to drink more alcohol. The quality of your experience depends on the quality of your alcohol. Lower quality alcohol might result in worse side effects and even a hangover.

How to Create a Brew

Step One: Fermenting
All brewing starts off with a cauldron filled with water over a constant fire.

Ingredients should be added the cauldron by right-clicking. In order to ensure you don’t over- or undercook the brew, your timing must be precise. The cooking time is displayed in the recipes, but for undiscovered recipes, you may need to experiment. The current cooking time can be displayed by right-clicking a cauldron with the clock. After yohavreached the intended cooking time, you can right-click the cauldron with 3 empty glass bottles to receive 3 bottles of your brew. Some recipes, such as coffee or potato soup, may be completed, but many other recipes may require further action in order to be drinkable.

Step Two: Distilling
Distilling is the process of concentrating the brew and removing water, allowing hidden flavors to come through. This process is done by placing the brew into a brewing stand with a single glowstone in the top slot. The glowstone will not be consumed, and blaze powder is not required for the distillery to function. You will not be able to over-distill the brews, as it will stop once the required distills have happened.

Step Three: Aging
A barrel is required to age brews. Starting in 1.14 the Minecraft-Barrel can be used for aging of a few brews. Simply place the barrel and put the brews inside.

You can also build bigger barrels. There are two different barrel sizes, each of which can be created from any wood type. Some recipes may require a specific wood type to be used for the barrel. The entire barrel must be built using wood of the same type.

A small barrel is created using 8 wooden stairs and a single sign. The sign is placed on the bottom right corner of the barrel and must have "Barrel" written on the top line.

A large barrel is created from 5 wooden fences, 15 wooden planks, 12 wooden stairs, and a single sign. The sign is placed in the center of one end of the barrel above the spigot, and must have "Barrel" written on the top line.

Once a barrel is constructed, you can right-click the barrel to place your brews inside. It is important to note that the aging process is proportional to Minecraft days (20 minutes), and each Minecraft day is equal to one year aged in the barrel. Some brews only require a few years, while others can require up to 80+ years to complete. If the aging is too short or too long, then the quality of the brew may be decreased.

Traveling with Warps

Warps are a useful way to quickly travel around the server. To get started, type /warp to open the warp category menu. From there, you can choose which types of warps you want to view. Server warps include official destinations such as /warp crates. Additional warp categories include Shop, Farm, Grinder, Other, and All Warps.

Once you have selected a category, simply click on a warp icon to teleport there. However, you should be aware that some warps may have a cost that you must pay in order to teleport. You can see which warps have a cost by looking at the bottom of the warp description. To quickly travel to a warp, you can type /warp <warpname> instead of using the GUI.

Creating Warps

In order to create a warp, you must buy a warp token for $2,500,000 in-game money or $3 USD. Below are some useful commands to help you get started:

  • /shop special - Opens a shop page where you can buy warp tokens for $2,500,000 in-game money
  • /store - Links you to our webstore where you can purchase warp tokens for $3 USD. Select the “Others” category to purchase a warp token.
  • /warp set <name> - Once you have purchased a warp token, use this command to create your new warp!

Mob Spawners

Spawners provide an additional way to collect mob loot and gain xp. We have implemented a custom upgradeable spawner system which changes how they are obtained and used.

Accessing Spawners

Spawner purchashing is unlocked when your town reaches a certain level and will be accessible via your town's merchant NPC. Reaching higher town levels or upgrading your merchant will increase the types of spawners that are available. Purchasing a spawner may require money, xp, or a combination.

Using & Upgrading Spawners

Once you've obtained a spawner, you can place it anywhere in the Kingdoms world. You can also pick up your spawner without using silktouch and it will go directly into your inventory.

Note that our custom spawners start slower than vanilla ones, but you can upgrade them using mob drops and money to make them more efficient. To open the spawner upgrade menu, simply right-click your spawner. This will open a GUI where you will find options to upgrade the following mechanics:

  • Spawn Delay - Decreases the time between mob spawns
  • Spawn Count - Increases the number of mobs spawned at once
  • Activation Range - Increases the range that the mob spawner will detect players